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1-on-1 provides a diverse educational curriculum on Primary prevention, Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment.


Special Populations: Addressing multi-culture  treatment needs of disadvantaged members of our society, based on age, ethnicity, gender, and geography.


Recovery Support: Spiritual (pneumatolgy) and non-clinical services support groups  that assist individuals and families in addiction to recovery and domestic violence.


Marketing: Presenting  X-IT model/self help assessment  and 1-on-1 counseling toolbox and techniques for reaching decision-makers in the fields of Trauma, Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery.


Professional Development: for addiction professionals, psychologists, professional counselors, social workers, pastoral counselors, lay counselors, crisis counselors including ethics, self-care, effective supervision, and training.


Clinical Treatment: Covering  research, Case Conceptualizations, Case studies, Internships, Practicum and methodologies in treatment.


Emerging Topics:  On Addiction Professional and Behavioral Healthcare.



The X-IT concept is committed to promoting wholeness, emotional, psychological, spiritual and sexual health by expanding awareness and knowledge about sexual addiction and other trauma induced intimacy disorders. It is typical to grasp that ‘Xposure’ brings healing and only then can one start the journey to total recovery community-wide, state-wide and nationwide. -Dr, Tina Parkman LPC, CAAC