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Dr. Tina's X-IT 1-on-1 Gift Card

X-IT 1-on-1 Gift Card

GIVE The GIFT of WELL-BEING With Dr. Tina’s  X-IT 1-ON-1 Gift Card!
PRE-LOADED and “RE-LOADABLE’ – Order pre-loaded short-term, or ‘re-loadable’ physical cards for yourself or those you love. Your gift card arrives via direct mail.
Dr. Tina asks, “What is your IT?” She encourages people who need it, to schedule a, “1-on-1 appointment with her office, through everything from e-counseling to (pre-loaded appointment) gift card purchase.
MOBILE – Ask about our mobile gift card app, available to be purchased and redeemed right from your smart phone, makes it convenient for private, crisis prevention and intervention.
SOCIAL – Our convenient 1-on-1 gift cards can be posted directly to Facebook enabling you to “gift” others with the card.
VIRTUAL – Our online 1-on-1 gift-card “wallet” access is convenient and easy to use, allowing for virtual gift card using and giving.

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It Will Work If You Work It book, by Dr. Tina Parkman

“It Will Work If You Work It!” by Dr. Tina Parkman


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The 21st Century generation brings with it a big appetite for seductive aura, sexy secrets, ancient secrets, and sexual energy. They live lavish lifestyles with hip-hop excitement, no limits, secular humanism, no morals, and instant pleasure. Everybody gets in where they fit in. If they want it, they’re taking it. If it feels good, they’re doing it. Sex, money, and power are their playthings.

Unfortunately the pressure of acceptance, addiction, approval, attention-seeking, need to please, desperation for fame, fortune, and celebrity have been the many justifications they have used to reach for false hope in people, places or things. Too often, this behavior has led to all-too-real pain and emotional suffering. A nationwide survey found that the body of Christ is sick from a lack of balance in its spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Some feel their spirit, not their body, belongs to God. They also feel that 90 percent of diseases are from emotional stresses.

Dr. Tina’s X-IT model allows people to open up the lines of communication for families, schools, religions, and communities that have overlooked the intricate cry for help against the grips of the lust of the eye, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. Satisfying the desires of temptation no longer delivers promise; it now dishes up pain and consequences. This book gives you options and provides solutions to addressing long-neglected issues in all races, religions, and income groups.

If you’ve been misdirected, misunderstood, misdiagnosed, mistreated, ‘mis-communicated,’ or misused, Dr. Tina can help. With the proper information and revelation, you don’t have to die in your situation.

If you don’t deal with IT – IT will deal with YOU.



"All of My Wives," book by Dr. Tina Parkman

“All of My Wives,” book by Dr. Tina Parkman


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This book is for “married” bachelors who struggle with polygamous friendships and emotional and serial affairs. Many a man is married, yet still looking for his “wife.” Some are single and consummating illegal marriages. Others are still tied to the wife of their past. Some men are just, flat out, with the wrong woman; when the right one comes along they can’t recognize her. Some individuals are married and are still looking for Mrs. or Mr. Right instead of trying to be the right mate. It was reported that among Christian unions over 70 percent of the men have had an affair; this figure is climbing.

I know the Word says what God has joined together let no man put asunder. Some married people unfortunately have legal papers on each other, but they are not joined together. Polygamy is the having of a plurality of wives or husbands at the same time: usually, the marriage of a man to more than one woman, or the practice of having several wives, at the same time. So, some are married through soul ties or desires for more than one mate.

Proverbs 5:21 says, “For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord.” The Lord knows about your sex life. So, your secret is not a secret; and, your disgrace is not unusual. Let’s take the steps to recover and redeem our sexual wholeness. “All of My Wives” shows you how.



Dr. Tina Parkman, Trauma Ties Book Cover

Trauma Ties, by Dr. Tina Parkman


MEN & Trauma, A Triple Threat  of Gender Entrapment By  Dr. Tina Parkman
$14.99 US/$20.99 Canada