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“WHO is Dr. Tina?”
TINA PARKMAN is a Certified Addictions Therapist, spiritual-life coach, Christian apologist, prevention/intervention expert, relationship expert, and CEO of Cope/Agape Connections Spiritual Intervention Prevention Program (S.I.P.P.).

She serves at the Christian Clinical Psychology/Pastoral Theology Institute (ACTS) teaching Christ Centered Christian and Pastoral Counseling and is a Program Supervisor over the Spring Arbor University Flint Graduate Clinical Counseling MAC Program. She is also an Adjunct Faculty member at Spring Arbor University.

Dr. Tina Parkman is author of Show Me Some Love and a radio personality for X-IT with Dr. Tina (with The Love Doctor on WDRJ/1440 AM, WLNO /1060 New Orleans). Dr. Tina also hosts the T.V. show, “X-IT with Dr. Tina” on WADL T.V..

Dr. Tina also provides online counseling and training courses through Agape Connections Inc. Through the use of technology, clients are walked through the healing process.


WHY “IT” is


Emotional and sexual intimacy is unbalanced for those who have been traumatized, neglected, and abused. For some, this involves sexual acting out behavior, multiple partners and/or serial affairs or some form of traumatic reenactment. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 70 percent of all reported sex disorders relate to sexual addictions, substance abuse, suicide, promiscuity, prostitution, loss of trust, destruction of self-esteem, development of shame, guilt, depression, and other psycho-behavioral issues.