Programs Offered

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 Make an 1-on-1 appointment and save time
– Receive confidential online counseling and consulting.
AWARENESS-advocacy,mentoring and referral ┬áservices – information dissemination -workforce preparation
PREVENTION- Online workshops and Seminars,Supportive Services ,Education or Job Training Activities,Work-Readiness, Group Process Student Supplementary Readings,Math or Reading Remediation,Internship and CEU’s for Online Bible College.
INTERVENTION- Crisis Counseling,Confidential Online Chat Rooms/
I)Addictions Counseling
Substance Abuse Counseling -Individual /Group
-Addressing addictive behavior
-Developing Self-Esteem
-,Addiction and Online Deliverance Clinic
II)Domestic Violence Counseling
Physical& sexual assault counseling
-Sexual disorders
-Addressing Sexual Addictions
-HIV Prevention and early detection
-Healthy male and female relationship
-Marriage and family counseling
-Addressing toxic relationships
III)Anger Management
-developing effective coping skills
-Effective decision- making