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Are you struggling with life’s issue? Depression, rejection, loss, anxiety, infidelity, unhealthy or abusive relationships, identity and family problems, abandonment or addiction?

What is YOUR “IT?”
Benefit from our growing library of videos including excerpts from Dr. Tina’s television show, on personal issues, a.k.a. “ITs”

Do you need help deciding on what your next steps should be?

Help is available through our online X-IT assessment tool to provide you with high quality care for a balanced healthy lifestyle. Watch our videos and connect online to receive 1-on-1 effective guidance from licensed counselors who will ensure that resources are utilized effectively.

This app also offers 1-on-1 prevention and intervention crisis help for those in need to “X-IT” from underlying issues to receive help, hope, and healing that promote health and wellness.

– Make an appointment and save time!
– Receive confidential online therapy.
– Receive appointment reminders.
– Gain awareness and benefit from watching our insightful videos.
– Purchase 1-on-1 gift cards and other awesome products.


Get help for your “IT” right now.

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