Trauma Bonding…

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Trauma Bonding

An Individual or family member who has knowledge and is personally or intimately involved, who has experienced learned behavior/traumatic experience and perpetuates through feelings of bonding in pain and not purpose, attempting to fulfill a legitimate need in an unhealthy way.

It is an emotional injury caused in early on development that interconnects with generational cycles of family sickness, addictions, disorders, or dysfunctions that are familiar (a.k.a. a “generational curse”).

a) Addiction, illegitimacy, prostitution, whoredom, incest, insanity, adultery, witchcraft, sexual deviance, and disease.

b) Symptoms are intimacy disorder; dissociative reenactment; relational aggression and vicious cycle. If accelerated: addictive, obsessive, and compulsive behavior. You must ‘die out’ to all ‘soul-ish’ and deadly emotions.