Stages of Temptation…

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Stages Of Temptation

Stages Of Temptation




  1. INFESTATION: enticement, desire, and toxic thoughts.
  2. HABITATION: dwelling with you in your environment; it’s time to clean your house. Clean out every room, and don’t forget the closet that you are trapped in because of past junk and trash you allowed in your space. Rid yourself of every secret. Stop responding and allowing the unclean emotions and thoughts.
  3. OBSESSION: excessive use; uncontrollable, compulsive addictions to self-medicate pain or loneliness.
  4. OPPRESSION: depression; affliction; burdensome straining attitudes of frustration, crisis, losses that are assigned to you in childhood as a victim of abuse and neglect.

Other oppressors include marriages and relationships, colleague/employer conflicts, and family generational curses.

        5. POSSESSION: most unbelievers are turned over to a reprobate mind. Uncontrollable drive and inappropriate strongholds that drive one to

operate in illicit sexual or inappropriate behavior reenactment to relive or numb the pain of deadly emotions that control one’s sense of self.

It will eventually expose you to open shame.